Making the switch from a gas car to an EV provides several advantages for you and the environment! One of the biggest advantages is in Total Cost of Ownership.

Owning and operating a traditional gas car incurs many different costs that we have all become accustomed to such as gas, oil changes, mechanical repairs, and maintenance. AAA calculates the average annual cost of gas car ownership is about $8000.

When switching to EV, you are entering the future of transportation, with ~90% fewer moving parts and exponentially higher energy efficiency due to simpler propulsion systems and regenerative braking. You’ll never need to worry about repairs to the myriad of systems that keep gas cars running like timing, lubrication, transmission, combustion, or emission systems.

The advantages to our environment are also significant. Driving an EV emits zero greenhouse gases. And pairing a charging station with a solar panel system ensures that your EV will not need to rely on non-renewable energy sources that your utility company may use. Your solar panel system may even generate income from idle energy production through a Net Metering Agreement with your local utility company!

With an EV charging station and solar panel system, you’re helping future generations by ensuring they have clean air and water just like we have been blessed with. Let MySunCar help begin your entry into the future of getting from A to B in a sustainable manner!

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